Principal’s Message

 Welcome to our new website launched on  February 26th, 2013. At this stage the site is very much a work in progress and St Thomas More Catholic Primary School Staff will be continually building on the content to make the website an interactive, useful tool for parents, students, and prospective parents.

St Thomas More Catholic Primary School is a friendly, vibrant and highly motivated community that enjoys the full support of both the St Thomas More and Lumen Christi Parishes.  Renowned for inclusivity and an ability to educate the whole person – ‘head, heart and soul’ – we understand that the education of young people is not only a responsibility but a privilege.

We have an active and supportive parent body.   Parents are acknowledged as the primary educators of their children and we encourage all parents to be actively involved in the life of the school and parish in a variety of ways.

At St Thomas More,  parents and staff work together to ensure that the children receive a high quality Catholic education that enables each child to realize that he/she is a unique human person, gifted by God and encouraged to develop in a Christian atmosphere.  As a Catholic school, our children are encouraged to participate actively in Liturgical celebrations, while at the same time we respect the values and customs of children from other traditions.  Our commitment to ensure each child’s needs are met is strengthened by the belief that each individual has unique gifts and Jesus is present in each member of the school community.

 Importantly we recognize that a great school isn’t just about grades. It’s about creativity, it’s about; engagement in a broad co-curricular offering, it’s about friendship, it’s about young people living and working together in harmony, it’s about fun, it’s about embracing new opportunities, it’s about developing open and enquiring minds and nurturing the character and courage to make a valuable contribution in a changing world.  We believe St Thomas More is a school that understands that ‘what matters most’ in achieving these outcomes is quality teaching, supported by strategic teacher professional development. 

 We hope your experience of St Thomas More Catholic Primary School community will be a happy and positive one and that your child will grow into a loving, caring adult who will function independently in the world of tomorrow.


Martin Major